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Join a global movement dedicated to health, happiness, and giving back.



Total Mind-Body Wellness Program

Achieve improved health and wellness with programs led by trained professionals and coaches.


Cultivate Lifelong Friendships

Build relationships within our global community of Peakers spanning over 83 countries.


Make An Impact

Support vital global causes while achieving personal growth.

Join the MPC movement today and start your journey to wellness and forge friendships, while contributing to global change. Discover your peak and make an impact.

How it works


The MPC program features training, yoga, nutrition and mindfulness with adaptable workouts for all fitness levels. We educate and empower our members to gain mobility, rediscover their confidence, become stronger and healthier, ultimately increasing confidence and changing lives.


Starting on the path to a new lifestyle can often be a challenging experience. Fortunately, no Peaker is ever truly alone. We are a global community coming together to create new habits, set new goals, and overcome challenges, one Peak at a time.


“Help yourself while helping others” is our guiding ethos. MPC is dedicated to expanding our impact from the personal to the planet-wide. Your membership fee will be helping fund incredible causes and life saving initiatives. To date, MPC has raised millions of dollars for our charity partners. 

What is a Peaker?

Members of the MPC community are referred to as Peakers.

Peakers are committed to personal growth while positively impacting the world around them. The Peaker community transcends borders and languages and they gather in local groups around the world and forge lifelong friendships.

Peakers can be found on mountaintops, hiking through forests, sweating in gyms or at home,. They’re running, reading, lifting, creating, swimming, singing, cycling, rowing, writing, skiing, reaching outside of their comfort zones.

Peakers worldwide are ready to welcome you with open arms.

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My Peak Challenge has raised more than $7.4 million USD for many causes that mean so much to us. Investing in yourself feels good. Investing in yourself while making a direct impact on the world feels even better.

$7 million+ donated

700,000 trees planted

10 million+ meals

Funded end-of-life support and care

Funded a clinical trial

Supported clean oceans

Peakers say it best

Susan L.

“I found MPC in March 2020 a few weeks before the world shut down due to COVID. Working from home in 2020 gave me some extra time in the morning to fit in an MPC workout and I never looked back! In 2021, I co-founded the Sober Peakers Ambassador Group. MPC has helped me maintain physical and emotional strength and well-being. I am in the best shape of my life at age 60.  I cannot wait to see what’s ahead!!”

Gitte S.

“I never knew that MPC is such a powerful community that supports you when you need an extra push to keep going. What I love the most is that you build friendships all over the world and together we make the world a better place.”

Angelica S.

“When I joined MPC in 2019, I had no idea it would change my life on so many levels. I made new lifelong (Dutch Peaker) friends, who I love spending time with. It opened a new world of self-love, self-acceptance, and putting myself first makes me a happier mom, lover, and overall a happier person.”

Charity Partners To Date

MPC has raised millions of dollars in charitable donations, which have fully financed vital research projects for blood-cancer treatment, addressed environmental issues, supported end-of-life care, and helped fight hunger worldwide.