At My Peak Challenge, we believe that food is fuel.

In order for bodies to work to their full potential, they must be properly nourished. MPC is not a weight-loss program. We encourage Peakers to build powerful bodies and powerful minds — and some of that work naturally happens on the plate and in the kitchen.


MPC’s nutrition philosophy is rooted in having — or developing — a healthy relationship with food.

We want you to eat a variety of foods that taste good and make you feel good while actively rejecting any stigma you may have unconsciously learned to place on food, along with much of what passes for nutrition counsel in our current era.

Video Library

We have created a nutrition video library to inform and educate.

Our three registered dietitians tackle everything from the basics of human nutrition to the subversive ways diet culture might have influenced how you think about food.

They bust nutrition myths, offer culinary tips and tricks, and do deep dives on topics like sodium and why so much conflicting nutrition information is available.


And, for those Peakers who are interested in adding some structure to their food intake, they present information on various ways of eating that don’t eliminate entire food groups, including macro balancing, plant-forward eating, and intuitive eating.

In addition, because there’s no better inspiration than a slew of mouthwatering recipes, the MPC Cookbook will help you fill your plate and tickle your palate with hundreds of recipes from breakfast to smoothies to snacks and entrees.

Begin your journey

Get ready to take the first step towards a better you.