The true heart of MPC is its global community. 

Social connections are a critical component of overall well-being. Belonging is part of our basic needs as human beings, and combining that with the benefits of physical activity keeps us truly healthy. 

Free of Judgement

The MPC Peaker community provides connection, friendship, and emotional support.

Peakers can share their knowledge or offer the inspiration you need to move forward in your wellness journey.

Peakers are open-hearted, kind, and excited about new opportunities. They gather globally and locally, and there’s always a pack of Peakers awake and active in our private members’ group to listen or offer support when you need it most.

We encourage you to share your challenges and successes, and to motivate, inspire, and celebrate one another. Most importantly, discover what you are capable of. 

By joining MPC, you will have taken the first step toward supporting several great causes, including your own health and well-being.