MPC Flow offers a variety of yoga styles to benefit your body and mind.

A Program For Every Level

From gentle restoration flows to vigorous vinyasas, Flow sessions vary in length and are designed to suit your physical and energetic levels. Personalize your yoga practice to focus on how your body feels.

Flow Fundamentals

This series is the starting point for Yoga and MPC Flow. We break down common postures so you build a strong foundation. These sessions help you build confidence in poses, making them ideal for beginners.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga offers a supportive way to stretch and strengthen the body through yoga. Fully Seated sessions stay on the chair, while chair-supported sessions involve some standing postures with chair assistance.


Revive is a six-month series, programmed for both strength and flexibility. The classes grow progressively more challenging over four monthly sessions.


Restore is designed for stretching and lengthening muscles. These slower-paced sessions are suitable for any time relaxation and flexibility work are needed.


The Yin/Yang series combines elements from both Revive and Restore, making it a valuable tool for Active Recovery Days.


Journey offers three-month deep dives into specific focuses, allowing for skill advancement.

Gentle Flows

Gentle Flows are geared towards a slower pace and fluid movement. These classes emphasize low-impact movements, stretching, and connecting with breath for relaxation and enhanced range of motion.

Standing Flows

Standing Flows are specifically designed for those with wrist or knee concerns. The sequences emphasize building stability and strength without putting much weight on wrists or shoulders, or any added pressure to the knees.


The Build section features various sequences that build toward a peak posture. Each series is dedicated to preparing the body for a challenging pose.

Yoga for Strength

Yoga for Strength focuses on isometric holds, bodyweight exercises, and drills to build endurance and muscle strength.


In the Dynamic Mandala section, participants move around the mat in all directions, inspired by circular meditation designs.


The Vinyasa section features faster-paced sequences that swiftly move from one pose to the next, elevating the heart rate. Ideal for cardiovascular fitness, these sessions benefit overall strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Dynamic Warm-Ups

The short Dynamic Warm-Ups involve dynamic movements aimed to prime muscles for your main workout.

Yoga Nidra

Described as “yogic sleep,” the Yoga Nidra guided meditations under “Exhale” aim to help relax and unwind. The focus is on following the instructor’s voice without strain, promoting deep rest and stress relief.

Overall, the MPC Flow program strives to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their proficiency or physical condition.

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