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  • Activate 3

    Activate 3

    Peakers we are back in Action with Activate 3! This series is a hybrid of Activate 1 and 2, so we will be sitting and standing during each workout. We are going to increase the intensity just a bit with some longer sessions, but don’t worry, you’ll still have your old faithful chair with you…

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  • Activate 2

    Activate 2

    Welcome to Activate 2! Activate 2 is a chair-supported program, in which all of the exercises are done while holding onto a chair. It’s a great starting point for those who just need that bit of extra stability while moving — or for anyone who has completed Activate 1. If Activate 2 is going to…

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  • Activate Introduction
  • Activate 1

    Activate 1

    Welcome to Activate 1! This is a chair-based program in which all movements will be performed fully seated in a sturdy chair. In these 5- (or so) minute sessions, we will explore the fundamentals of movement to help increase range of motion and ultimately improve your quality of life. This series is perfect for anyone…

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