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  • Ignite Progressions

    Ignite Progressions

    Welcome to the Ignite Progressions sessions! If you’re here, you should have completed the entire Ignite program and you should now be quite familiar not just with MPC’s training style but also many of the fundamental movements involved in this style of movement. You have likely increased your strength and improved your cardiovascular conditioning. In…

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  • Ignite 3

    Ignite 3

    Welcome to Ignite 3! We recommend you complete Ignite 2 before continuing to these workouts. This month, weighted exercises make an appearance, as do ladders, one of Coach Valbo’s favorite ways of structuring workouts. As in previous modules, you should feel free to select the exercise variations and the rep schemes that work best for…

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  • Ignite 2

    Ignite 2

    Welcome to Ignite 2! We recommend you complete Ignite 1 before continuing here. This month, the Ignite program continues to drill those fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, push and pull) that you’ve been working with, while progressing the volume and intensity a bit over last month. There is also a workout in which you can…

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  • Ignite 1

    Ignite 1

    Welcome to Ignite 1! This program is designed for people who have completed the Ignite Fundamentals program or are newer to exercise or the My Peak Challenge program, are looking for a lighter way to include resistance and cardio training in their lives, or have limited time or equipment. Over the course of three months,…

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  • Ignite Fundamentals

    Ignite Fundamentals

    Welcome to the Ignite Fundamentals program! Consider this your introduction to My Peak Challenge and a great first stop on your path to building strength and power and improving your overall fitness. This six-session series is designed for those who are new to exercise or to the My Peak Challenge program, who have taken an…

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