Accelerate: Month 1 — Session 1

1 minute of any cardio option
10 reps of squat to stands
10 reps of bodyweight good mornings
1 minute of forearm plank
1 minute of any cardio option
10 reps of goblet squats (with a light weight)
10 reps of stiff-legged deadlifts (with a light weight)
1 minute of forearm plank

Three rounds of:
10 reps of back squats or dumbbell rack squats
Increase weight on each round.

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Strength Circuit
Three rounds of:
12 reps of heel-elevated goblet squats or bodyweight squats
10 reps of split squats (per side, dumbbell, goblet or bodyweight)
20 reps of calf raises or dumbbell plate calf raises

Take limited or no rest between exercises. Rest as needed between rounds.

Four rounds of:
1 minute of any cardio option
1 minute of rack hold or dumbbell overhead hold
1 minute of push-up plank

Rest as little as possible between rounds. Time the workout, and aim to meet or beat your time on successive cycles.

Optional Finisher
5-minute Tabata
(10 rounds of 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest):
two-touch sit-ups or back savers
hip thrusts or back savers