Course Category: Build

  • Build: Dancer

    Build: Dancer

    Ready to dance? This Build: Dancer series focuses on the single-leg balancing pose, Natarajasana. Dancer’s Pose improves balance and concentration while also strengthening the feet, ankles, legs, core, back, and arms. Each class will work on opening the chest, abdomen, hip flexors, and shoulders while also strengthening the body to transition through movement while balancing…

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  • Build: Half Moon

    Build: Half Moon

    Get ready to Half Moon! This Build: Half Moon series focuses on the single-leg balancing pose Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon. This series will strengthen the whole body, especially the legs, ankles, and feet, while improving focus, core stability, and balance. Each class will work on strengthening the lower body, improving single-leg balance, and opening…

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  • Build: Wild Thing

    Build: Wild Thing

    Hey Peakers, let’s get Wild! In this series of four sessions, we will build to Wild Thing and explore some of its variations. Wild Thing is a backbend that opens up your chest and shoulders while stretching out the front of your thighs and hip flexors. Each class will stretch your back, shoulders, hips, and…

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  • Build: Warrior 3

    Build: Warrior 3

    Welcome to Build: Warrior 3! In this series of four sessions, we will build to the Warrior 3 pose, explore some of its variations, and work on various ways of flowing into and out of the pose. Warrior 3 is a balancing pose that helps create stability in the whole body and strengthens the feet,…

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  • Build Introduction

    Build Introduction

    Welcome to the Build module! This section features series that build toward a peak posture. Each series is dedicated to a challenging pose and each class is sequenced to prepare the body to get there. We will warm up the body and build your skills to try the peak pose, variations of it, and different…

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