Fight your way to fitness

step into the ring & Get in Fighting shape

Get ready to knock out your workout while building up your cardio capacity and strength with our new Intro to Boxing series. 

Boxing has been proven to decrease stress hormones and increase endorphins, melting away tension, and boosting your mood — all while you’re having fun! 

Taught by Coach Pearl, this progressive program starts with the basics and progresses to complex boxing combinations and drills. You’ll be left feeling drenched, strong, and accomplished!

About the course

Intro to Boxing is a progressive boxing program that starts with learning the basics and layering in complex boxing combinations and drills. These workouts will leave you feeling drenched, strong, and accomplished. Throughout eight workouts, we will add complexity, challenge, and duration. 

This series teaches boxing moves and combinations as intervals, meaning you can work at your own pace within the designated time. Try to perform each workout at least twice before progressing to the next. If you are new to boxing, check out the movement library for more details on form and boxing technique.

Let’s get punching!

Instructor: Pearl Fu
Duration: 20 to 45 minutes
Equipment: Optional (can use 1-3-pound hand weights)


Pearl Fu is a California native who has been teaching group fitness classes for over 25 years.  Her passion is creating fun yet challenging workouts for individuals to stay consistent and connected in an ever-changing, busy world.  As a fitness coach in her 50’s, Pearl is an advocate for fitness at every age.


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