MPC2023 Submissions

Getting to Know You

Throughout the year, we ask Peakers to fill us in on what you're up to and how you’re progressing with your challenges, the program, life, etc. On this page are all our requests for your photos and stories. These links will stay live for several months, so please feel free to submit when you’re ready to update us! We look forward to hearing from you!

Refrain from submitting collages, photos/videos with gifs, stickers, and filters, or any blurry/low-quality content. We accept both portrait and landscape for videos and photos. 

Best of the #MoonroStepChallenge🌙🧑‍🚀

We want to see the best moments from the #MoonroStepChallenge in support of Blood Cancer UK! Share your favorite Peakernaut adventures. Bonus points if you're wearing your Moonro Step Challenge shirt in the picture and videos!

#PeakerStories ❤️

Team MPC would like to introduce you to the new #PeakerStories. MPC prides itself on sharing authentic stories about authentic people. We don't use models or scripts — our stories are #PEAKERREAL. Has My Peak Challenge changed your life for the better mentally or physically? Have you discovered new passions in life? Whether you've discovered a new love for burpees, developed a healthy mindset, or found your lifelong friends, we're looking to share your story. Submit below for a chance to be featured in our new campaign, #PeakerStories.

2023 Peaker Testimonial ❤️

We want to hear from you! What impact has MPC had on you? How has being a Peaker changed you? How do you feel about yourself compared to when you joined? Have you noticed mental, emotional, or physical changes? Share a short testimonial with us.

Share Your Videos Here!

Now that reels and TikToks are the next big thing, we want you to share your Peaking videos with us! Whether you're attending a Peaker meet-up, cooking up a favorite MPC recipe, enjoying a stretchy yoga session, or showing off your cool hobby, we want to see! Share all aspects of MPC in motion with us. Who knows, you might be our next TikTok star. 😉

Ambassadors, Show Us Your Squad! 🌍

MPC Ambassadors, we want to see your meet-ups and group activities. We LOVE updates from around the world — show us your favorite Ambassador moments from 2023!

Show Us Your Workouts 💪😅

Have you been pumping iron? Have you gone on a run or hiked a trail? Show us! We want to see your workouts — wherever, whenever, however, and the sweatier the better!

Show Us Your Flex 💪

We want your muscles in our flexicon! At the gym, on a mountain, at the beach, by a landmark, underwater, at your job, on a boat, in your yard, at the game — and everywhere in between! Show us your best flex!

Show Your Flow 🧘‍♀️

We want to see pictures of you doing yoga! Indoors, outdoors; downward dog or crow pose, show us your flow!

MPC Mindfulness 🧘‍♀️

Show us your mindfulness practice! How has being mindful improved your life? What are some activities that being mindful has helped you with?

Show Us How You Make a Difference 🌊

MPC has raised almost $7 million for a variety of causes, including hunger relief, blood-cancer research, end-of-life care and environmental protection efforts. With our new charity Ocean Conservancy, we want YOU to share how you're making a difference in your community. Did you have a local beach clean up? Have you saved turtles? We want to see!

Peaker Eats🍽️

What have you been cookin' up this year? Show us your MPC Cookbook creations. We want to see what's on your plate!

Show Us Your Flag 💜

Have you taken your flag on any hikes, trips, or adventures? Do you have one displayed at your home, gym, or office? We want to see your MPC flag waving proudly from the media room to the mountaintops and everywhere in between! The MPC2023 flags are now available to purchase!

Show Us Your Peaker Hands!

Make those hands show that you're a Peaker! Whether it's a selfie or you're with your Peaker besties, breaking a sweat after a workout, or on a hike with incredible views — we want to see you throw what you know!

Show Us Your Peaker Apparel!

We know most of your closets and wardrobes are full of MPC gear. Have you worn your favorite Peaker hoodie on a walk at the beach? Or worn matching Peaker Baseball Tees to a meet-up in the mountains? Show us you, sporting your favorite pieces.

What's New for You in 2023?

What are you doing for the first time in 2023? Did you embark on any new adventures, attempt new challenges, find new hobbies, travel somewhere new, experience significant life events, or endeavor in a new direction? We want to hear about the coolest new experiences you're having in 2023!

Peaker Pets 🐕🐱🐘

Do you have any furry four-legged Peakers in your family? Or perhaps someone with feathers, gills, or scales? We want to meet all the nonhuman Peakers in our community — show us your Peaker pets!


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